Brielle 100-Percent Cotton Flannel Bedding

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Brielle Flannel Beddings brings softness, extra touch of warmth and comfort to your bedroom. What is Brielle? Brielle is our exclusive home textiles brand. In Brielle we distilled 60 years of expertise to deliver the best value in home textiles. We carry an extensive selection of bedding products with cotton, modal, tencel / lyocell, bamboo fibers in sateen jersey, twill, and percale weaves. The selection of fabric, size and color options often are not offered by local stores and delivered to your door at your convenience. We also carry a wide selection of window panels. Whether you are shopping for a sheet set, window panels or bathrobe, Brielle will deliver the best product for your money. Luxury bedding and home textiles for factory prices. Guaranteed. What is Flannel? Flannel word comes from an old Welsh word for wool. Our fine flannel sheets are made of high quality cotton and napped (brushed, raised) to mimic the insulating yet breathable capabilities of wool. Bedding made from flannel fabric is comfortable, soft and warm. Unlike microfiber/polyester counterparts cotton flannel naturally regulates perspiration. Flannel sheets are a favorite during the winter months for many people, because they symbolize a feeling of snugness and safety that appeals greatly during blizzard or rainstorm. Cuddle in Brielle Flannel for a cozy sleep. Flannel is a soft and heavy-weight fabric . Search Brielle sheets for different softness, durability, and price options. We have something for every taste and budget.

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