Brielle 100-Percent Sateen Modal from Beech Top Shelf Bedding

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Brielle Modal Sateen Bedding

Product description

Brielle Sateen Modal Bedding offers luxury along with style. With its silky feel and extremely soft hand, it is like being embraced by clouds. Offering extensive color and size selection, there is a right Brielle Modal Sateen bedding for everyone.

More about Modal

Modal, which is a high strength fiber, famous for its silky softness. Modal has a refined smooth touch, excellent breathe-ability and moisture management features. We used the Lenzing Modal; Austrian produced Modal fiber, made of the natural cellulose from Beechwood trees of Europe. Lenzing Modal is a CO2 neutral product, manufactured with high sustainability and ecological standards. This product does not contain any pesticides or toxic substances that would aggravate allergies. Your new bedding is engineered to preserve its colors and stay soft after many washes.

More about Sateen

Sateen is the weave of the fabric that gives its silky sheen, soft touch and luxurious drape. This weave enhances and compliments Modal's natural sheen and softness.

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