Brielle 510 Count 100-Percent Rayon Bamboo Sateen Premium Bedding

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Brielle Premium Bamboo Sateen Bedding Product description Exquisitely soft to the touch with a smooth, silken finish, these bamboo sheets are also strong and durable. Brielle Bamboo sheets are also exceptionally breathable so hot sleepers stay cool and cold sleepers stay warm and comfortable. And environment friendly bamboo is grown without pesticides or fertilizers!

More about bamboo Rayon from bamboo (commonly referred as bamboo) is a fiber extracted from natural bamboo plants in Asia. Bamboo is a sustainable source of raw material which can grow 3 feet a day without pesticides or irrigation. We use the finest bamboo yarns which give our products a superb touch and silky drape. The finished fabric made from bamboo has the comfort of cashmere and the feel of silk in one product. Thanks to millions of micro gaps, it has 3 to 4 times more moisture wicking ability and is more breathable than cotton. Bamboo will keep you cool in the summer and warm you quicker in the winter.

More about Sateen Weave Sateen is the weave of the fabric that gives its silky sheen, soft touch and luxurious drape.

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