Brielle Bamboo Eden Duvet Cover Set. Comes in a giftable box!

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Brielle Twill Bamboo Duvet Covers A first in home textiles, printed bamboo comforter and duvet cover sets.Manufactured from finest materials to ensure highest quality. Selection of contemporary and modern designs which will go along with any bedroom setup as well as our Bamboo Twill Sheet Sets.What is Brielle??Brielle? is our exclusive home textiles brand. In Brielle? we distilled 60 years of expertise to deliver the best value in home textiles. We carry an extensive selection of bedding products with cotton, modal, tencel/lyocell, bamboo fibers in sateen jersey, twill, and percale weaves. The selection of fabric, size and color options often are not offered by local stores and delivered to your door at your convenience. We also carry a wide selection of window panels. Whether you are shopping for a bedding, window panels or bathrobe, Brielle? will deliver the best product for your money. Luxury bedding and home textiles for factory prices. Guaranteed.What is Bamboo? Rayon from bamboo is a fiber extracted from natural bamboo plants in Asia. Bamboo is a sustainable source of raw material which can grow 3ft a day without pesticides or irrigation. We use the best bamboo yarns which give our products a superb touch and silky drape. The finished fabric made of bamboo has the comfort of cashmere and the feel of silk in one product. Bamboo is sought after for its natural antibacterial, antifungal, deodorizing properties. Thanks to millions of micro gaps, it has 3 to 4 times more moisture wicking ability and is more breathable than cotton. Bamboo will keep you cool in the summer and warm you quicker in the winter..What is Twill?Twill is the weave of the fabric recognized by a distinctive diagonal line pattern. This weave creates a more durable and wrinkle-resistant fabric. Twill sheets are crisp and softer than plain weave.

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