Brielle Cotton Jersey Knit (T-Shirt) Sheet Set

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Brielle Cotton Jersey Bedding

Product description

Brielle Cotton Jersey Bedding offers softness of the clouds. Like sleeping in your favorite t-shirt, only better.

More about Cotton

Cotton has been cultivated and used to make fabrics for at least 7,000 years. By using high quality cotton, this outstanding bedding has improved longevity and softness. Long-staple cottons are known for being supple, smooth and glossy. These fibers create sheets with a softer feel, a more lustrous shine and greater durability. Unlike polyester (polyester is also marketed in disguise as micro-fiber, ultra-fiber and Egyptian comfort) cotton is a natural fiber that is moisture-wicking and breathable.

More about Jersey Knit

This jersey bedding is knitted, like a fine T-shirt to provide a silky soft, light touch on your skin, ensuring a good nights sleep. Jersey is a soft and cozy kind of weave.

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